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Re: Here we go----->I got time

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Posted by healed_by_crib (Ranked 4 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on August 08, 2018 at 13:50:26 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: Here we go----->I got time posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) on August 08, 2018 at 11:18:54 PDT:

: : : Vengy aka Healed-by_crib says--> It becomes a problem when that person starts complaining about other peoples playing habits.

: : : Seondhand says--> As heal_by_crib said its the attitude of the player I was talking about he/she is ALWAYS correct and the rest of us are wrong!!!

: : : One attacks me for my "Playing Habits" the other of my Attitude.

: : : Two remarks that are meant to hurt another Individual--Like being in a Playground with Bu0llies who don't conform to their ways--Sadly

: : : It isn't the frst time one of these people has ran another out of the room--Take Ayesha--poor girl just wanted to play Crb howevver got so "beat up"--she didn't have tohe Mental strength to stay--

: : : you can continue your antics--as one is too old to change and the other is a MChild" who does what he knows best--run the other person down for not conforming to him.

: : : Internet crib has been a staple of mine for almost 30 yeqars----be it with Cases in the Zone to GD now GS----as well as other venues I play at.

: : : You two "Gentlemen"--(I use the word loosely) have been around for years too--I have met many on the Internet that have tremendous Ettiquette and sorry to say--I think how you ttreat people tells volumes about YOUR character--

: : : So if you want to atrtack--be my guest---Forecast the Future here----Second will die and Vengy will grow up and find a more imkportant hobby that involves his entire Family--If he isn't divorced by then?

: : : Who knows--They appea;r to know me so well--Yet perhaps it is time they look in t8he mirror?
: : : I have and sorry guys--I seen too many of these Idiosyncricies--that I probably picked up a few myself--So like Stormy said-----No rule when and who I play--I can pick and choose just like you two.

: : : So get off your Soap boxes--People will decide for themselves--and don't be surprised if your name is being dragged through the mud as you are trying your hardest to degrade "mine"--me

: : funny how you think this is about you, I mentioned no names, yet you seem to have no problem mentioning mine...but no biggie , I will continue to laugh at is unreal the stuff you come up with though. Not worth arguing point by point, as it is like playing chess with a pigeon.

: Are you really that Naive------Obviously you don't have to mention my name--DUH!

: Fine you wanna play your lil "NO NAME" game--Then be a REAL MAN and tell everyone who you are talking about 'cause I wll DEFEND them in a heartbeat!

: Th reason perhaps you can't follow point by point is because you will avert them so you can go off on another tangent---No problem continue --Seconhandlo''s dad was right----yet you both had no problem starting new threads above me--Why?

I's like playing chess with a pigeon.

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