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Re: Here we go----->I got time

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Posted by SecondHandLo (Ranked 11 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on August 08, 2018 at 12:04:54 PDT:

In Reply to: Here we go----->I got time posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) on August 08, 2018 at 10:49:34 PDT:

: Vengy aka Healed-by_crib says--> It becomes a problem when that person starts complaining about other peoples playing habits.

: Seondhand says--> As heal_by_crib said its the attitude of the player I was talking about he/she is ALWAYS correct and the rest of us are wrong!!!

: One attacks me for my "Playing Habits" the other of my Attitude.

Lets get one damned thing straight Kelly you NEVER seem to want to accept responsibility for anything than is complained about. You might look in the mirror for some introspection.We are not trying to drag you name thru the mud you do a good enough job of that on your own. As far as me dying I plan on being here much longer than you. Saying things like that just show how really out of touch with reality you seem to be. I am sure I can find many more people in this forum and outside this forum that will vouch for my character than you most likely can, so please don't open that can of worms because in this particular case I guarantee you will finish in second place Kelly. As I said when I replied to your first post on August the 3rd

Kelly one thing is I have a great memory. I remember when I came into this room for the first time nearly 5 years ago you were on me like a fly on stink about my not asking people to play, I must admit I was new to the room so I learned from that, which you obviously have not. Secondly I was quite fortunate and won a number games quickly, which eventually evens out. Then you accused me of having a program that enabled me to cheat, which I am sure you know nothing about. Then when my passed away a little over two years ago. The very next day I came into the room to play a few games to get my mind off things. I got an important phone call and forgot to close the room. YOU reported me to Lady Grace. So Kelly you might be best to keep your big mouth shut until you really know all the facts and the dust has cleared.

As I said early on no one ever wins this discussions but I am not going to stand by while you disparage my character. Kelly I am sure you realize that you are not the most popular person in the room and if you think you are you are damned sure fooling yourself. Maybe neither one of us would win a popularity contest but that is not my point, Kelly it does not hurt to admit you made a mistake, I have had to do that myself in times past, but this is not one of them.

Also Kelly as I said a little earlier I plan on being here much longer than you so just relax and don't let you panties get all in a knot!!!!!

: Two remarks that are meant to hurt another Individual--Like being in a Playground with Bu0llies who don't conform to their ways--Sadly

: It isn't the frst time one of these people has ran another out of the room--Take Ayesha--poor girl just wanted to play Crb howevver got so "beat up"--she didn't have tohe Mental strength to stay--

: you can continue your antics--as one is too old to change and the other is a MChild" who does what he knows best--run the other person down for not conforming to him.

: Internet crib has been a staple of mine for almost 30 yeqars----be it with Cases in the Zone to GD now GS----as well as other venues I play at.

: You two "Gentlemen"--(I use the word loosely) have been around for years too--I have met many on the Internet that have tremendous Ettiquette and sorry to say--I think how you ttreat people tells volumes about YOUR character--

: So if you want to atrtack--be my guest---Forecast the Future here----Second will die and Vengy will grow up and find a more imkportant hobby that involves his entire Family--If he isn't divorced by then?

: Who knows--They appea;r to know me so well--Yet perhaps it is time they look in t8he mirror?
: I have and sorry guys--I seen too many of these Idiosyncricies--that I probably picked up a few myself--So like Stormy said-----No rule when and who I play--I can pick and choose just like you two.

: So get off your Soap boxes--People will decide for themselves--and don't be surprised if your name is being dragged through the mud as you are trying your hardest to degrade "mine"--me

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