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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 5 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on March 17, 2017 at 13:31:35 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: Rank Defense posted by dennis31 on March 17, 2017 at 12:52:57 PDT:

: : I understand you view of this rule. However not all on this ladder share this view and this is something the entire ladder needs to be aware of and understood. It is not a rule that can be done away with.

: : Do we need to add something to the effect that one should not wait until the last day to get the spot match and then scramble scared trying to get one before the end of that day. Everyone needs to understand that its ok if a spot match is played daily if you are lucky enough to get one. I wonder ... get my drift here:

: :
: : : However, it does seem to confuse and perplex many on this ladder.

: : : *****It's a simple Rule format---Every game has Rules whether you like them or not-------Sheesh what would you do if you joined the ACC--American Cribbage Congress and had to follow their Rule book? (Google it)

: : : What I don't get isn't this a competitive Ladder with competitive players?

: : : Don't get me wrong------I like to chat with my pone--besides the usual "gl" "nh" "ty" "vnh" "gh" - -"We"chat about weather and everyday biz--I also like to teach--as I have to some here--rules pegging and handling some glitches in the room i.e. dirty tables------you like a particular table- -np--however after each game re sit or there won't be a clean cut to begin the game and always choose NO if you are setting for a brand new game :)

: : : What are we wanting to do, clarify it? (I have seen many suggestions in the thread below) Or, are we deciding to let it be?

: : : ***You already know how I feel about it from the threads below-------

: We all understand the rule.
: However there is a growing many that just want to play...a lot...we don't want to have to wait until a spot match is had or we might miss a pile of games we could have played while waiting to see if our spot shows up.
: It's not like we are "waiting for the last day to play one"...sometimes it happens like that because we just want to play and our particular spot (at the time , because they move around)has not shown up yet.
: This ladder is so small now , with maybe 25 active players , one can sit in the room for hours waiting to play a game...
: Should we refuse that one game just because we haven't played the spot match yet ? Then wait another hour before someone shows up and not play them for the same reason?
: Then it becomes a problem and causes even less play on a ladder that doesn't have a lot of games in the first place.
: The ladder is so small that if you play 10 games daily you can't help but to get in the top 5...
: If you cant get rid of this rule then come up with some ideas to re-tweak it...
: Perhaps make it 5 days to get the spot...
: Or make it only for the top 3..
: Just some ideas....

Have you forgotten the Rule was change from Top 10 to Top 5------>because This ladder is so small now , with maybe 25 active players

*******and of coarse there is the Option to take a vrr if you can't manage to get a RDM in the 3 day allotted--keeps the Ladder moving and no worries on getting a RDM 'cause your Rank 25--and you do say------->The ladder is so small that if you play 10 games daily you can't help but to get in the top 5...<-------

So what's the big deal? You say you here to play and Rank is beside the point

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