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Re: Rank Defense

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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 5 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on March 16, 2017 at 23:34:58 PDT:

In Reply to: Rank Defense posted by LadyGrace (LeadOp) on March 16, 2017 at 22:19:10 PDT:

: However, it does seem to confuse and perplex many on this ladder.

*****It's a simple Rule format---Every game has Rules whether you like them or not-------Sheesh what would you do if you joined the ACC--American Cribbage Congress and had to follow their Rule book? (Google it)

What I don't get isn't this a competitive Ladder with competitive players?

Don't get me wrong------I like to chat with my pone--besides the usual "gl" "nh" "ty" "vnh" "gh" - -"We"chat about weather and everyday biz--I also like to teach--as I have to some here--rules pegging and handling some glitches in the room i.e. dirty tables------you like a particular table- -np--however after each game re sit or there won't be a clean cut to begin the game and always choose NO if you are setting for a brand new game :)

What are we wanting to do, clarify it? (I have seen many suggestions in the thread below) Or, are we deciding to let it be?

***You already know how I feel about it from the threads below-------

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