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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 6 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on March 06, 2017 at 18:10:08 PST:

In Reply to: Re: 2nd posted by SecondHandLo on March 06, 2017 at 15:35:00 PST:

: Facts are Facts and Rules are Rules: Fact is many rules have been changed over long periods of time for one reason or another. Lets just take as recently as last week Major League Baseball changed the in intentional walk rule. Used to be the pitcher had to pitch the four balls, and occasionally there would be a wild pitch or one close enough for the batter to get a hit. That rule has been on the books forever. But last week the RULE was changed so just signal from the manager for a intentional walk and the runner takes his base.

--The Rule was changed recently to accommodate the dwindling number of players from Top 10 to Top 5------

: Kelly it really sounds to me like you would like to be dictator for the ladder. All I am asking is for the rule to be look at and if the group votes in favor of not changing it so be it. If they vote to change or do away with the rule so be it also.

---------Not "dictator for the ladder" just appear to be the only one not afraid to defend the Rule that doesn't suit the new comers to the competitive World of a Ladder--I will reiterate--this IS NOT a Social room.

And i'm sorry if you are 80+ and believe you are above these Rules and don't have the time to see if you need a spot match or not--it's part of the "game" and has structure.

: Just saying Facts are Facts and Rules are Rules doesn't get it because we don't know what the facts are in many cases and as dictator once there is a rule you would never want to change it no matter what the facts maybe.

: : Nothing against you 2nd however I see the problem as you not wanting Rules? This is a competitive gaming site you have joined and has Rules--you just want to play that's nice-however since you got Rung and can't accept it you go on this "Get rid of Rule" tirade.

: : You must have got a warning before- -Perhaps
: : you forgot b/c it wasn't published and/or you weren't rung for it?

: : Thus the reason for no Spot match over the 3 days allotted--don't get mad rather just accept the fact and move on--we've all been in your boat!

: : All I can say there are Rules and because you and a few others don't want to be bothered following them then just ignore or get rid of them to suit your gaming needs.

: : Use your analogies however Facts are Facts and Rules are Rules

: : : Kelly many of us come into play cribbage. Getting a good ranking is part of it but playing to many is more the object. I play as many games over a month's time as anyone and I have never had this problem before. I want you to look specifically at the results of ALL matches and the ORDER in which they were played and tell me how en hell you could figure out when to play a Spot match

: : : I am in my 80th year and been playing cribbage over 70 of those years. I do not want to have to take the time to come in the room and try and figure out when or how en hell I am going to play a Spot match and then even if I did that person many not come in that day at all.

: : : As was said by someone else times changes and people change so rules and laws have to sometimes be changed to meet the current situation as it is!!!!!

: : : Kelly your stance on this kind of reminds me of the mother who went to see her son, who was in the Army, and was graduating from Boot Camp. She was in the stands when her sons company of 250 soldiers marched by... She said "Look at that my son is the only one in step"

: : : In closing I would say there is quite a bit of interest for change so lets try something else to see if it makes things better

: : : : Just my thoughts

: : : : Players inability to get a match is also why there are so many Voluntary Rank Reductions.

: : : : A player has 3 days to get the spot match--either get to #1 or drop to #6 in that time.

: : : : If you wanna be in top 5 then you should be keeping an eye on your rank---and follow the Rules

: : : : This rule has been around a long time----- - Why change a Rule that has been around since Inception--It was already changed to Top 5 from Top 10 to accommodate the dwindling number of Members

: : : : -Now those who figure they'd rather toss out a Rule because they can't get it done in 3 days and/or don't want to VRR. So big deal does it really mean that much to you? Perhaps it does that's why all the fuss when it happens to somebody "New" for the first time - -

: : : : This is when this Issue comes forth--All I can say- -"Been there done that"--Get over it.

: : : : Many of us either VRR or are Rung to Rank 25--What's the difference--Pride- -I guess. --rank 25 is rank 25--(or in beajay60's case rank 50)- -back to the Top the next day or two .

: : : : Is the purpose of the Ladder to just play for rank or are we here to have fun and play cribbage?--That is the Paradox!- -

: : : : Yes we all want to have FUN and PLAY cribbage - -however this is a LADDER room- -NOT--A SOCIAL room---------The LADDER is a Competitive Room where of course everyone is playing for Rank-----Have you ever been in the Rated rooms?

: : : : If you're here to chat and talk among other players just be aware there is a Rank aspect involved which has Rules and Consequences if not followed.

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