meeting with safari management report

meeting with safari management report

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Posted by mink (Ranked 2 on Canasta (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on January 01, 2015 at 07:49:39 PST:

hi all, just wanted to give a summary of my meeting yesterday with someone from management on the safari site.

1. cards jumping up and down and blank screen: unfortunately, this was not happening when they were there to watch, however, we did discuss this and other issues. They say that this is a function of a poor internet connection by the user and there is nothing wrong with their site or game. They gave many suggestions like close all other programs, etc..all intended to reduce the load on your connection. For me, this is not a satisfactory answer. All of us have experienced a slow connection at some point, yet this is the first time I have ever seen what I have done on my computer REVERSE...usually you just WAIT for things to catch up, before you PROCEED. For those of you having this problem, if you cards jump up again, just not try to click them down again...(as they are not "really" up). I have found that if you just wait it out, they will return to the down position.
Concerning rules:
2. ability to take discard pile after draw pile is gone: Currently, once the last cards are drawn, say from player 1, and player 1 discards, the hand ends, not giving player 2 the opportunity to take the discard pile. This is a quote from Hoyle rules of card games for canasta "If a player draws the last card in the deck, special conditions apply. If the next player cannot take the discard pile, the hand ends immediately. However, if that player can play the top card of the discard pile to one of his or her team’s melds, the player must take the discard pile and play that card. If the player can take the discard pile with a card in his or her hand, he or she can choose to either take the pile or end the hand. In any of these cases, the hand ends, and neither tea gets points for going out." So, the game is currently not in compliance with Hoyle rules
3. game will not allow me to place 2 wild cards on 2 natural cards: Quoting Hoyle again: "A meld must contain at least two natural cards, and cannot contain more than three wild cards". again, safari is against Hoyle rules.
4. another issue for ME, is the ability to pass the discard. I did not discuss this with them however. But this also is against Hoyle rules. "At the end of your turn, you must discard a card to the discard pile." and, "The last card in your hand can either be melded or discarded; this is the only time in the game you are not required to discard at the end of your turn."
5. using a wild card canasta is NOT in Hoyle rules, but would be considered a rule variation, I suppose. They mentioned to me that they were considering adding the wildcard canasta, but only being able to use it when you are going out. To me, that is ridiculous, and will almost never be used. you should be able to meld it at any time.

WE discussed other issues...the problem with being able to use cards form the discard pile to make your initial meld; being able to hit the discard button without any card raised, and your turn ending without discarding. They said the programmer is working on these issues.

I suggested changing the undo do go one at a time backwards..or you could hold button down to make it go faster...I described how our old game worked to them..they said they would consider looking at that also.

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