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Posted by mink (Ranked 5 on Canasta (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on November 23, 2014 at 02:29:35 PST:

In Reply to: question posted by duddle (Gold Member) on November 21, 2014 at 09:54:29 PST:

Seems I may be the lone voice in disagreement, but I still prefer playing the best of 3 games. I do not think playing only one game is going to increase any player traffic. We all play in the allotted time we have for our schedules, that is not going to change. And, I admit I probably have more time than others being disabled and retired. But as an example, yesterday I sat a few hours waiting for someone to come to play. We played the one game that they took 15 minutes..and then I waited another 2 hours for someone to come play before I left and went back to the original site..where I played a very fun 3 game match that went right down to the wire in the last hand of the 3rd game. Those kinds of battles are what we all find exciting. In addition, playing just one game will change the dynamic of the game. Are you really going to risk having to report immediately if you lose a pile war? I'm more pile wars for me. Before there was a buffer..there was always another game, so the risk wasn't as great. I realize many are having a problem with the new game, but I'm not. And several others have no problem with it either. I just hope taht once p[eople get more fluent with the game, they don't regret making this change. I know I will not like it at all. My 2 cents...

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