Re: glitches in safarie canasta

Re: glitches in safarie canasta

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Posted by mink (Ranked 4 on Canasta (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on December 15, 2014 at 21:17:24 PST:

In Reply to: glitches in safarie canasta posted by prof1 (Gold Member) on December 12, 2014 at 21:45:51 PST:

I have noticed two other glitchs in the game. 1. Occasionally, the DISCARD button seems to be out of sync. When you lift a card to discard it, the discard button disappears. If you lower the card, the discard button appears. This makes it impossible to discard. However, I have found that if you click on the discard button, even though a card is not raised, the turn will pass to the other player, with NO card being discarded. 2. I found an instance where the game would not allow me to have an equal number of natural and wild cards in a meld. I tried placing two 2s on two Ks, in order to go out, but got an error. You should be able to have an equal number of wilds, just not MORE wilds than natural cards. In this instance, I had to undo the meld and place the wild on some other number in order to go out.

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