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Posted by Zovaraxx (LeadOp) (Ranked 14 on Canasta (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on November 05, 2015 at 06:38:38 PST:

In Reply to: KIBITZING IN GAMING SAFARI posted by EMB (OpManager) on November 27, 2014 at 12:24:42 PST:

Dear Ladder Members,

I also wrote to Support. Michi was right about it being a mistake. Here is my letter to them and their reply.

Michael Pinkston

Oct 18, 10:18

From: Michael Pinkston
OS: Windows, version: win 10
Product version: 5.2

I am the Lead Op for Case's Canasta (Gaming Safari). We were informed about a year ago that the server would shut down effective Jan. 1. 2015.

I have been informed that the Lobby is active again. I was able to successfully Log In to the Canasta Lobby myself at about 03:00am Central Daylight Time (CST)

Has there been some change in your decision to deactivate the Canasta Lobby? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Zovaraxx, Lead Op
Case's Ladder
Canasta (Gaming Safari)
formerly Canasta (Direct IP)

Athan-Jon de Jager (

Oct 19, 09:46

Hi Michael,

Thanks for contacting support.

Due to a wrong startup script it seems the host program started up in error, it's offline again, and will stay offline I'm afraid.

Sorry about that.

Best regards,

Athan-Jon de Jager

So as you can see, it was a mistake. I would be willing to bet that startup script has been deleted so that will never happen again. I encourage all of our old players to give Gaming Safari a try. Yes, the rules are different and there are occasional glitches. But there are still some of your old friends playing a game they loved long before there was a So jump on the bandwagon and give it a try, I don't think you'll be sorry.


Zovaraxx, Lead Op
Case's Ladder
Canasta (Gaming Safari)

: I was really astonished to see the message of Leon that our old server was up again. I tried to log in also today, but no chance anymore.

: What happened? In my oppinion there are only two possibilities:

: 1.the dutch guys started up their old machine to do some backups or by mistake.
: 2.someone else is trying to set up a new canasta gameserver, maybe private?

: I would really like to know if there are some efforts going on to get the server online again.

: I am missing canasta, Michi

I updated my JAVA program this morning and now I can't post a follow up or new message in our forum. I tried IE, Firefox, Chrome and the new Win10 Edge browsers all without success. It involves that scrolling Java applet above the Members Standings. I hope we can get this resolved quickly.


Zovaraxx, Lead Op
Case's Ladder
Canasta (Gaming Safari)

: I would ask everyone to be mindful of the effect kibitzing can have on a game. May I suggest that before you enter a game table to kibitz that you ask for permission to do that BEFORE you join the table as kibitzer. This is the polite thing to do and we ask for your consideration in this regard.

: Remember any one playing can ask a kibitzer to leave the table, and it would be a lot nicer to kibitz with permission than to be asked to get out.

: Thanks for your consideration.

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