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(Feb 14, 2019)

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Java won tournament #1205459  
Java(1) defeated luv pino(5)
luv pino(7) defeated the PLAYERS club(4)
Java(2) defeated Survivors(1)
Java(2) defeated PinoNerds(6)
Java won tournament #1205445  
Java(2) defeated 20/20(5)
Java(2) defeated luv pino(7)
20/20(7) defeated the PLAYERS club(4)
luv pino(7) defeated PinoNerds(5)
20/20(11) defeated Survivors(1)
the PLAYERS club(6) defeated Java(2)
Java(3) defeated Survivors(1)
Java(4) defeated PinoNerds(3)
GAMERS won tournament #1205444  
GAMERS(3) defeated Survivors(1)
GAMERS(4) defeated PinoNerds(2)
Survivors(1) defeated Java(3)
GAMERS(6) defeated Java(3)
PinoNerds(3) defeated Survivors(1)
Java(2) defeated luv pino(4)
Survivors(1) defeated Java(2)
Java(2) defeated luv pino(4)
Total: 24 Matches
kimmi_ann was purged for inactivity.
Team paradise lost rungs for inactivity.
Team Rok lost rungs for inactivity.
Team 20/20 lost rungs for inactivity.
Vballcoach23 was purged for inactivity.
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