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About Case's Ladder Online

Case's Ladder has been running multiplayer gaming leagues for over six years. Two years ago, we started discussing the creation of our own private branded gaming service. For the last 20 months our developers have been working on the backend for our own gaming site, Case's Ladder Online.

Why another gaming site? We wanted to be able to add features for competitive gaming that couldn't be found anywhere else. Most sites are built with the average player in mind who might play a couple games here and there. Our site has been built from the ground up thinking about competitive gaming. This means automated ladders, rating systems, great customization, lots of Op and TD controls, and security.

We wanted a stable environment for our high end players to compete. People have had it with playing on services that put up with someone making 30 different identities and spamming rooms all day long. They want somewhere to play that was built for them and not just for some monolithic company.

Does this replace other gaming services? No! We expect Case's to offer a different type of game than you will find elsewhere. We will always support all gaming services and try to find great new ways to improve our standard ladders, it's just that we got tired of waiting for other gaming sites to implement some of the ideas we know would make gaming more fun.

We have started with Spades because it is both popular and more challenging to make than some of the other games. Lots of sites start with the easy games and then try to make the hard ones later. We wanted to do the opposite, so that we know our system is capable. Our next game will be Hearts, as it is directly related to Spades from a programming perspective.

You're wondering about the rooms. We will have as many rooms as we need to support our players. If you are part of a MyLeague looking for a place to call home, we will offer the ability for certain leagues to have their very own rooms on CLO. Our system allows us to dynamically create many rooms and servers.

We're looking very forward to introducing you to Case's Ladder Online over the next few months. Thank you for checking it out, and we welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.